Friday, February 14, 2014

Florida Finale

Vacation had come to an end...luckily we had a gorgeous day and a LATE flight back to the tundra.  The Bransons flew in that morning, so we were able to spend time with them, and celebrate Miss Maddy's 1st birthday early!  All day at the pool is a pretty good way to end a wonderful trip!

Our whole crew enjoying a sunny pool day

Yup...this kid is pretty fearless now.  

Key West & Pool Days

Near the end of our trip, we all drove down together to Key West.  The weather was gorgeous all the way across the keys.  We just love it down there, so it was fun to finally bring our kids there.  

We spent a few days at the pool.  Blake's a bit timid around water, but we finally got him jumping in and swimming without a life jacket.  He made $13.50 in bribes, but he is just loving the water now.  

Naples/Marco Boat & Beach Day

We rented a pontoon like we did 2 years ago and boated up to Naples from Marco Island.  Saw so many wild dolphins playing on our trip this year, probably about a dozen.  This time we packed a lunch and headed for our beach...spent all day playing and of course looking for more sea shells.

Florida 2014- Everglades and Beach Day

We've been back a little while now, but we had a wonderful long vacation to FL.  The weather warmed up when we arrived, so we had many gorgeous days.  One of the cooler days we went into the Everglades and did our tour again at Shark Valley. Fun to see all the Gators and birds.

The next day we headed to the beach.  Naples and Marco Island Beach were hit up, and the kids hunted for their sea shells.  They also built a sandcastle with Eric while I soaked up the rays.  It was so much fun now that the kids are older...they're so content just playing.

Christmas 2013

We made it back to MN for Christmas...but after our first day of Christmas fun, Olivia and I were sick with Influenza. Not a fun time to be sick.  We were stuck in bed for many days and missed out on seeing the rest of our family.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving in SD

We spent Thanksgiving this year with our good friends in Deadwood SD.  We stayed at The Lodge at Deadwood, and what a relaxing long weekend we all had.  We did some shopping in Rapid City, then quite a few nature drives, and some small hikes.  It was sad though, the Spearfish Canyon was just devastated with the 40 inches of snow that fell in October.  So many trees were uprooted, snapped in half or just bent over.  It's such a beautiful place, so it was hard to see it like that.  We had a wonderful warm weekend, so it was nice to be able to be outdoors and not just holed up in the hotel.